Tiny Bear Single Malt whisky Barrel 14 -50% 700ml


Tiny Bear Single Malt whisky Barrel 14 -50% 700ml


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Product Description

Barrel 14 - Single Malt Whisky - 50%ABV - 700mL - 27.6 Standard drinks - 140 Bottles Total


Damo's tasting notes –Maple syrup and candied cherries, gentle plums nutmeg and spice, crisp coconut. I'm really not good at writing tasting notes.


Big John's tasting notes -

Colour: Rich Demerara, Huon Pine

Nose: Enticing sweetness of deep malted grain, Smokey spice combined with oak. Deep inhalation fills your soul.

Taste: Mild burn smooths over the tongue with notes of Vanilla malt raisins and liquorice

Image evoked: Savouring the day with dad and gramps at the end of the day after roast beef Yorkshire pudding and apple turnover with cream. A great reminder of a fond memory.


Sally's tasting notes - To busy enjoying her honeymoon in Europe :)

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