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Hartshorn Saltbush Vodka Sheep Whey 40% 500ml

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A first for the world, this is a savoury vodka that works perfectly matched with your rich dinner meal. We have distilled the native Australian saltbush leaves along with our sheep whey vodka to create a salty spirit with a slightly sweet finish. This spirit is designed to be served as a savoury cocktail or neat with a savoury meal.

Serving Suggestion: This spirit is designed to be served as a savoury cocktail or neat with a savoury meal such as a Wagu steak.

It would also work great as a dessert with vanilla ice cream as this would be the salty caramel to match.

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Hartshorn Distillery

Hartshorn Distillery shares land with Grandvewe Cheeses. We are the same family with the same goal: reducing waste and caring for the planet. Whey, often discarded in cheesemaking, is repurposed into alcohol. Using a welding rod, an old beer keg, and internet research, we created vodka. Double-distilled and unfiltered, we use only the best 10 percent of each distillate, producing 150 bottles per batch.

Our success with vodka led us to create gin, using sheep's whey and native botanicals like lemon myrtle, anise myrtle, wattleseed, juniper berries, and Tasmanian pepper leaf. We also make whey-based liqueur and whey-sky, a unique take on whiskey.

Hartshorn was born from a need to reduce waste and a desire to flip the script on traditional spirit-making and flip the bird to those who said it couldn’t happen. We’ve been told our packaging process — hand-painting and individually signing our name to our bottles — is ridiculous. And, look, maybe it is, but it’s also fizzy-knickers sexy and one of the most iconic bottle designs in Australia, holding its own on any bar shelf. We’ve also been told our small batch process is unsustainable. It’s not only still going, but it’s making some of the country’s most distinctive and award-winning craft spirits. 

Local Craftsmanship

From the very beginning, we believed in all of this because we believed in the values it was being built on. We just wanted to make something good, something unique, that we’d held in our hands from start to finish. We’re gonna keep doing that, but it’s real nice that what we do has come to mean something to others too.