Germana Cachaca Heritage 10 years 40% 700ml | Alcoholic Beverages | Shop online at Spirits of France
Germana Cachaca Heritage 10 years 40% ... $138.48
The name Heritage means legacy, tradition and family pride. This is what Cachaça Germana means to the Caetano Family. Germana Heritage is aged for 8 year in French oak barrels and for 2 years in barrels of Brazilian balsam. The result is a dark amber colour, a symphony of Cachaça and wood with very special notes of fruits. The exquisite care resulted in the inheritance of knowledge of distillation and ageing of this cachaça. Recommended serve: best sipped neat on the rocks with the green part of a lime zest. Fun Fact: To protect the bottles during travel, Sergio would wrap them with banana straw - fruit typical of the region, to prevent them from breaking during their long trips on horseback, as well as to protect them from sunlight. 
Germana Cachaca Caetano's Umburana wood cask 40% 700ml | Alcoholic Beverages | Shop online at Spirits of France
Germana Cachaca Caetano's Umburana woo... $73.53
The prominent characteristic of Germana’s Caetanos Cachaça is its fruity flavour, slightly sweet thanks to cerejeira, also known as cherry tree used to make the Umburana barrels. This is achieved by ageing for two years in Umburana barrels. During ageing of this type of wood, the Cachaça receives a beautiful light yellowish colour and a rounded sweet taste. Ideal for lovers of a Cachaça aged in the most traditional Brazilian wood. Recommended serve: sip neat out of the fridge, red fruit caipifruta like strawberry and raspberry and batidas.
Germana Cachaca 2 Years 40% 700ml | Alcoholic Beverages | Shop online at Spirits of France
Germana Cachaca 2 Years 40% 700ml $90.69
With this Cachaça originally everything started at Germana. Aged for 2 years, being one year in barrels of French oak and one year in barrels of balsam. Germana Cachaça is ideal for connoisseurs who enjoy a lighter tasting cachaça and love a dry and distinctive flavour which is created by these two special types of wood. The French Oak barrel ageing lends the cachaça a sweet and woody flavour. A very special pleasure of the highest level and a favourite of women in Brazil. Recommended serve: sip neat or use in a caipirinha.
Germana Cachaca Soul (White) 40% 700ml | Alcoholic Beverages | Shop online at Spirits of France
Germana Cachaca Soul (White) 40% 700ml $72.30
A rare, approachable and artisanal Cachaca: try it and you will never go back to industrial Cachaca! Germana Soul is unaged and unfiltered. It is made in the fertile region of Minas Gerais (south east Brazil) in the farm established in 1912 by the Caetano family. It's 100% natual, made only from sugarcane and yeast being from the surrounding corn fields. No sugar nor additives. Rested in stainless steel vats and non-filtered. The high oily grade to Soul shows in the glass and is also experienced in its distinctive bouquet. One litter of Soul is obtained from every 33 liters of fermented sugarcane that is processed. NOSE: sugarcane and hints of banana. PALATE: oily and viscous texture, sharp sweetness. Makes amazing Caipirinha! First choice in the best bars in Australia and around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cachaca


Cacha a is a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice. Also known as pinga, caninha, and other names, it is the most popular spirit among distilled alcoholic beverages in Brazil. Outside Brazil, cacha a is used almost exclusively as an ingredient in tropical drinks, with the caipirinha being the most famous cocktail.

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