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Cave Club

Discover unbeatable offers on premium wines and spirits, exclusively through your mobile phone!

How it Works:

1.Sign Up Easily: Register for Cave Club by providing your name, address, and preferred contact details. This ensures a seamless checkout experience every time.

2.Choose Your Subscription: Select whether you want to receive exclusive offers on premium wines, spirits, or both! Tailor your experience to match your preferences.

3.Receive Exclusive Offers: Each week, you’ll receive a text message featuring a hand-picked selection of premium wines or spirits at a price you won’t find anywhere else online, saving you up to 70% off the RRP.

4.Simple Ordering: To claim your offer, just reply to the text with the number of bottles you want. We’ll send you a link with all your pre-filled details—just complete the payment and you’re done!

5.Limited-Time Only: Each offer lasts for 24 hours or until our limited stock sells out, so act fast to secure your deal!


Why should I join Cave Club?

- Exclusive Savings: Enjoy prices lower than any online retailer, accessible only to Cave Club subscribers. Not even our email subscribers have access to such savings.
- Save Up to 70% of RRP: Take advantage of significant discounts on premium products.
- Unique Products:Some products offered through Cave Club may not be available on Liquor Wine Cave normally, but for the promotion, we will have access.
- Convenience: With pre-filled checkout details, ordering is as easy as replying to a text.
- Quality Selection: Our team curates the best wines and spirits to bring you top-quality products every week.
- No Hassle: Skip the lengthy checkout process and enjoy a streamlined experience.

Can I subscribe to Wine and/or Spirits?

You have the ability to subscribe to the following:

Wine Only: Receive exclusive deals on premium wines.

Spirits Only: Get special offers on top-quality spirits.

Both: Enjoy the best of both worlds with exclusive offers on both wines and spirits.

What happens if I want to cancel?

Just reply to one of our texts with the word "Stop". We will remove you from all text message communication. It's that simple!

Is it free to join?

Yes, it's 100% free!

How long will I have to wait for my order?

Dispatch will occur within 1 week of confirming your order. Generally, expect your order within 2 weeks.

How do I know if the link is safe to click?

It's becoming increasingly tricky to figure out what is a safe link, and what isn't. We suggest that after you receive the first text from us, you save our number as a contact (e.g Liquor Wine Cave) so you know that all links within that thread are safe.

Will you sell my details?

NO! We don't share or sell your personal details to anyone.

How often will I receive texts?

You'll receive just one text per week if you subscriber to the Wine or Spirits lists. If you opt to subscribe to both, you'll get two texts.