Don Fulano Fuerte 100 Proof Blanco Tequila 50% 700ml
Don Fulano Fuerte 100 Proof Blanco Teq... $145.83
The original overproof. One of a kind. Profoundly aromatic. Full of spice and flavour and yet absolutely mellow with floral glimmers of Jasmin and orange blossom. It brings a direct connection with the agave fields, with its terroir, with its patient fermentation and its masterful distillation in copper alembics. Full-bodied and generous in its complexity, its finish is full and prolonged. One for the connoisseur and epicurean.
Don Fulano Blanco Tequila 40% 700ml | Tequila | Shop online at Spirits of France
Don Fulano Blanco Tequila 40% 700ml $117.65
Our Blanco is a bright and colourful expression of highland agave. It’s fresh on the nose yet profound with beautiful elegance. There is harmony between a wide spectrum of aromas that only mature agave offers; a myriad of delicate fruit notes is balanced by a light herbaceousness and a butterscotch soiliness. Reminiscent of damp red soil it opens the senses and awakens the appetite, almost makes you want to chew it. A great aperitif
Don Fulano Reposado Tequila 40% 700ml | Tequila | Shop online at Spirits of France
Don Fulano Reposado Tequila 40% 700ml $126.23
Reposado is the great representative of the spirit of Don Fulano: a marriage between mature highland agave and French limousine oak. It is rich and buttery but strangely delicate and ethereal at the same time. Cooked agave fully expresses itself and blend seamlessly with herbal sweetness, hints of mature fruit compote and dark chocolate. There is also a flight spice element that emerges from its delicate finish A joy to sip on its own or paired with food.
Don Fulano Añejo Tequila 40% 700ml - Tequila - Liquor Wine Cave
Don Fulano Añejo Tequila 40% 700ml $151.96
Our Añejo is a marriage of very old tequila aged in French limousine and nevers casks that previously held wines. It is deep and complex with dried fruits and spice elements like cardamom and allspice which complement elegantly the right touch of sweetness that comes from slowly cooked mature agave. Honey and caramelised nuts emerge from a long finish together with refreshing light menthol. Great to wrap up a nice dinner.
Don Fulano Imperial Extra Anejo Tequila 40% 700ml
Don Fulano Imperial Extra Anejo Tequil... $241.42
Imperial is our oldest tequila. It is exceptionally rich and complex with a great combination of elegance and power. Blended from dark European oaks and oloroso sherry casks its abundant in fruit notes and spices like clove and nutmeg. Deep notes of old leather, tobacco and a lavish aroma of black cherries frame its singular style. It is velvety and permanent.

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