Togouchi Blended Beer Cask Finish Japanese Whisky 40% 700ml | Whiskey | Shop online at Spirits of France
Togouchi Blended Beer Cask Finish Japa... $133.58
Oak barrels that have been used to mature Rum in French Martinique in the Caribbean are used for IPA beer in France, and the beer casks are used for wood finishing for Togouchi whisky. A refreshing hop scent and bitterness derived from IPA beer, the honey scent derived from Rum, the sweetness like roasted apples derived from wood finish are harmonized. TASTING NOTES NOSE: Fresh - White fruits, citrus, cereals PALATE: Full - Hops, spices, cornflakes FINISH: Mellow - Honey and mild spices
Yamazakura Blend Japanese Whisky 40% 500ml | Whiskey | Shop online at Spirits of France
Yamazakura Blend Japanese Whisky 40% 5... $99.26
Yamazakura is a new release from Sasanokawa distillery, dating back to 1765 with recognised sake and schochu. Based in the city of Koriyama Sasanokawa expanded into whisky in the 1940s. This represents a high-end complement to their entry level whisky range ('Yama' means 'mountain' and 'Sakura' means cherry tree, hence the beautiful label design). This blend is composed of four malt whiskies and one grain whisky. Orange blossoms on the nose, followed by oak, caramel, and fresh orchard fruit on the palate. Ideal in a highball.
Togouchi 15 years Japanese Whisky 43.8% 700ml | Whiskey | Shop online at Spirits of France
Togouchi 15 years Japanese Whisky 43.8... $291.67
Togouchi 15 year old, is the newest expression of Chugoku Jozo blending expertise. This blended whisky with a delicate and elegant nose reveals a rich and round texture subtly coated with fruity notes of citrus fruits and yellow fruits, but also spicy notes. On the palate it expresses vanilla sweetness and a fine peat iodine, while in the final it will leave you some notes of dark chocolate and hazel in retro olfaction. This whisky is the result of the blending of grain and malt whisky of different ages and origins, including Scotland, that had undergone a complementary aging in Japan in an exceptional place ; an old railway tunnel with the ideal atmosphere for a balanced aging.
Togouchi Sake Cask Finish Japanese Whisky 40% 700ml | Whiskey | Shop online at Spirits of France
Togouchi Sake Cask Finish Japanese Whi... $132.35
In the oak casks used for aging white wines in Japanese wineries, we matured Sake (junmai-shu) brewed by us and then used the Sake Cask to wood finish for Togouchi whisky. With a light fruit scent and a moderate acidity derived from white wine and Sake, a sweetness like brown sugar derived from the wood finish, the harmony of sweet taste with the mellow fruity aroma is enjoyable. Tasting Notes: Colour: Golden colour Nose: Ester, Fruity Palate: Mellow brown sugar sweetness, moderate acidity. Finish: Mellow with moderate acidity and sweetness.
Tokinoka Blended Japanese Whisky 40% 500ml | Whiskey | Shop online at Spirits of France
Tokinoka Blended Japanese Whisky 40% 5... $102.94
This blend embodies the knowledge and taste of the Japanese. Soft and balanced with flavours of cereals, vanilla and fruit, make this whisky appealing to a large audience. Tasting Notes:Nose: Cereals, honey and fruitPalate: Soft, cereals and vanillaFinish: Long, malty and creamy   For more Japanese Whisky, Click HERE
Togouchi 9 years Japanese Whisky 40% 700ml | Whiskey | Shop online at Spirits of France
Togouchi 9 years Japanese Whisky 40% 7... $181.37
From the town of Togouchi, made by Chugoku Jozo in underground tunnels. Chugoku Jozo is a Japanese brewery located near Hiroshima. It has been making liqueurs, sake, and the traditional Japanese spirit shochu since 1918. For decades, Chugoku Jozo has developed a knack for making some of the most beautiful spirits in the world. But it wasn't until 1990 that the brewery decided to dabble with whisky by creating its Togouchi line. The master blender carefully chose the distillates (malt and grain) which would be sent to Japan, grown, and blended in the Japanese fashion. The 9 years old refers to the minimum time each whiskies in the blend spent in barrels. NOSE: rather intense and pleasant, dispersing aromas of yellow fruits. PALATE: sweet spices, with the appearance of fruity flavors of citrus. In the end, peat and smoke come nicely together. Good stuff.
Tokinoka Black Blended Japanese Whisky 50% 500ml | Whiskey | Shop online at Spirits of France
Tokinoka Black Blended Japanese Whisky... $139.71
Tokinoka Black is a blended whisky created by Akito Ueda, Master Blender of White Oak distillery, who gives us a new version of Tokinoka the blend emblem of the brand. It’s a rather more fruity nose with aromas of tropical fruits and notes of toasted oak, precedes an appealing mouth experience with the appearance of woody aromas and some notes of citrus. Made from 50% malt whisky and 50% grain whisky aged in 3 different types of casks (Bourbon, Xeres and new oak), this version richer in malt presents a very nice roundness in the mouth and combines at the same time a spicy and creamy sharp side, with a soft and vanilla finish characteristic of Tokinoka.
Togouchi Premium Japanese Whisky 40% 700ml | Whiskey | Shop online at Spirits of France
Togouchi Premium Japanese Whisky 40% 7... $123.77
A blend from Chugoku Jozo, who mature their whiskies in a tunnel rather than a warehouse. The temperature of the tunnel is always 15 degrees while the temperature of the cellar at the headquarters in Hatsukaichi city is a little higher than that. This is the company's malt and grain, no age statement blend that includes a sublte peated component.
Togouchi Pure Malt Japanese Whisky 40% 700ml | Whiskey | Shop online at Spirits of France
Togouchi Pure Malt Japanese Whisky 40%... $145.83
A new creation from Chugoku Jozo, Togouchi Pure Malt is a blend of single malts imported from different distilleries, then aged, blended and bottled in Japan. Very slightly peaty, this whisky reveals a pleasantly greedy nose with notes of vanilla, chocolate, ripe apricot to which aromas of fresh cream are added to the palate while the fine peat asserts itself. On the finish, the bitter cocoa and hazelnut notes accompany the slowly disappearing peat. Togouchi Pure Malt surprises with its strong character inherited from the meticulous selection of Sherry and Bourbon casks in which the single malts have been aged between 3 and 9 years.
Fuji Single Grain Whiskey - Whisky - Liquor Wine Cave
Fuji Single Grain Whiskey $165.00
This is a whisky that is made at one single distillery (Fuji distillery) in Japan using corn, rye and barley. Fuji Single Grain Whiskey is comprised of three whiskies of differing weights: • Light grain whisky - Scotch style (10% of blend): corn & m alted barley • Medium grain whisky - Canadian style (60% of blend): corn & malted barley • Heavy grain whiskey - Bourbon style (30% of blend): corn, rye & malted barley It is non–chill filtered and bottled at 46% ABV. The barrels used are 100% American white oak; a combination firs t fill and refill. NOSE: Aromas of poached pear, rustic fruit tart, Cognac and ma rron glacé. PALATE: Smooth mouthfeel with multi-layered flavours of poached pear, orange marmalade, raspberry jam, rye spice, and bitter chocolate. Water brings out red berries and a delicate spiciness reminiscent of rye bread and cinnamon. FINISH: Mellow with gentle sweetness and pleasant spiciness, smooth with a medium length finish and a hint of exotic incense.
Togouchi Kiwami Japanese Whisky 40% 700ml | Whiskey | Shop online at Spirits of France
Togouchi Kiwami Japanese Whisky 40% 700ml $123.77
Togouchi Kiwami, which is the latest Chugoku Jozo release, is a limited edition exclusively reserved for the French market. This new blended whisky reveals its Scottish origins while claiming a strong Japanese character. Kiwami version is made from a selection of the best casks entering Togouchi Premium vatting mix. As its name suggests,  Kiwami meaning "Height" in Japanese, this Togouchi will show you the excellence by being the equivalent in the world of wine of a "Prestige" vintage. With its nose both bright and elegant revealing  fresh notes of grass and nuts, this blended whisky will lead you in the mouth in a gourmet trip with hazelnut, chocolate and honey aromas, ending on subtle spicy notes of pepper and nutmeg. Togouchi whiskies specificity is to be aged, blended and diluted in Japan. Scotch whisky barrels aging is held in a unique location : a 361 meters long tunnel dug in 1970 that offers ideal maturation conditions (constant temperature of 14°C and 80% humidity). Part of their Japanese character is transmitted by the soil through the source of water used for reducing the alcohol content which is drawn from the heart of Sandankyo Nature Park unspoilt mountains.
Nikka Black Deep Blend 'Night Cruise' 45% 700ml | Whiskey | Shop online at Spirits of France
Nikka Black Deep Blend 'Night Cruise' ... $126.97
Nikka was the all consuming purpose of Masataka Taketsuru, the "Father of Japanese Whisky". Its items are appropriately celebrated worldwide for their quality, and it's anything but an embellishment to state that you can feel the resourcefulness of Masataka in Nikka whisky. This energizing new Nikka Black Deep Blend Night Cruise is a restricted version discharge that pursues on from the Black Deep Blend, Black Deep Blend Aromatic and Black Deep Blend Extra Sweet articulations. Deliberately created by Nikka ace blenders, this whisky brings peat smoke and rich oak alongside unpretentious flavors in a warming and fulfilling drinking background.

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