Summum Vodka (Distilled from Wheat) 40% 750ml - Vodka - Liquor Wine Cave
Summum Vodka (Distilled from Wheat) 40... $73.53
Summum Vodka (Distilled from Wheat) 40% 750ml A handcrafted vodka made in Cognac, France by a distillery that was founded 1814. Using the best wheat, finest spring water and resting periods in between distillation ensures a fine vodka of great purity. The combination of the best ingredients and our unique savoir-faire gives birth to Summum’s unmatched tasting profile. A delicate nose with slight notes of walnuts and fennel. When refrigerated, Summum unveils sweet aromas of dried coconut. Round and mineral with peppery notes. Long finish with subtle notes of dried coconut. Seeking a cocktail idea? Take a look at the cocktails recommended by Summum   Explore more of the Summum Range
Summum Chilli Vodka 40% 750ml - Vodka - Liquor Wine Cave
Summum Chilli Vodka 40% 750ml $78.43
Summum Chilli Vodka 40% 750ml Nose: Subtle aromas of cereals, piment d’Espelette (Espelette pepper), bell pepper and pepper, quickly followed by fennel and dill. Palate: Very well balanced with a lot of Piment d’Espelette right away. Then notes of bell pepper and black pepper nicely come in. Finish: Silky and very long with notes of piment d’Espelette, pepper, bell pepper and fennel.

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