Bertrand Eau de Vie de Fleur de Biere (Distilled Beer) 40% 700ml


Bertrand Eau de Vie de Fleur de Biere (Distilled Beer) 40% 700ml


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Product Description
A unique eau-de-vie made from mature malt beer distilled in a copper still which is heated slowly in order to preserve the aromatic qualities of the beer. Unique on the palate, Fleur de Biere reveals itself through its flavour of hop flowers, by the freshness and sparkle of the beer that gave birth to it, lifted by subtle flavours of exotic fruit, citrus and gingerbread. An eau-de-vie to savour iced to find in its clear transparency, the exaltation of its original characters. Best enjoyed on the rocks, or in a cocktail, as well as with a dessert or incorporated to pastries and sorbet.  

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