Massenez Eau de Vie Framboise 'Sauvage' 40% 700ml


Massenez Eau de Vie Framboise 'Sauvage' 40% 700ml


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Product Description
Raspberry eau-de-vie from the Massenez distillery is distinguished by its delicacy, finesse and balance. A subtle emotion, faithful to the fragility of its original fruit. Tasting Notes: Nose:  frank and typical of Raspberry, without any foreign note. This sustained nose marks the quality of the selection of original fruits and the delicacy of the distillation. The raspberry note is immediately identifiable as a freshly picked fruit. Fruity and floral fragrance, very volatile which is a real invitation to taste. Palate:  in terms of aromas, classic gradation in fruit Eaux-de-Vie structured in 3 major organoleptic notes: • Very subtle floral note, like white flowers. • Intense fruity note, with the first perception of fresh fruit to which is superimposed that of ripe fruit and fruit in marmalade or jam. • Spicy note at the end very present giving the final structure to this organoleptic profile.

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