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Discovering Togouchi, the Japanese whiskies made near Hiroshima

Togouchi is a whisky created by the Japanese distillery Chugoku Jozo located not far from Hiroshima.

This distillery has been making liquor, sake and shochu, a traditional Japanese alcohol, with the greatest care and attention since 1918. In 1990, it began to make whisky and the Togouchi brand was born.

Since then, Chugoku Jozo has developed and refined its skills and techniques to make some of the very best Japanese nectars. From rigorously selected malts and grains, the master blender begins maturing the distillates in Japan before they are elegantly blended in “Japanese-style”.

The Togouchi whiskies are all aged in unique surroundings - a 361 metres long tunnel built in 1970. It provides ideal conditions for ageing thanks to a constant temperature of 14°C and a hygrometry of 80%.

The whiskies are reduced using natural spring water taken from the mountains of Sandankyo which offer a panorama of extreme beauty with crystal clear running water and green pastures. The Togouchi brand is made up of blended whiskies which are the incarnation of finesse and precision honouring the Earth’s precious resources - barley and water. Open, taste, be transported!

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Togouchi Japanese Whisky