Don Fulano Tequila - Discover this jewel from the Fonseca Family

This range of tequilas is from the Fonseca family that has been agave farming for five generations. They are one of only two producers to offer 1OO% estate grown and bottled tequila. The agave uses a dual distillation process comprised of a double column still and a traditional copper pot still.

Don Fulano was founded in 2000 by Sergio Mendoza and Enrique Fonseca. It’s made at La Tequilena NOM1146. 

“A highland tequila, Don Fulano is made from 100% estate grown mature blue agave cooked in autoclave ovens, naturally fermented in open tanks using wild and cultivated yeast, and distilled in approximately 80% copper pot still and 20% copper, double column still. The spirit is distilled to 50% to 55% ABV then cut with demineralised water from a deep well in the distillery. The tequila is non-charcoal filtered and contains no additives such as sugar, colour or glycerin.”

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Don Fulano Agave