Grosperrin 'Cognac De Collection' 1944 aged 60 years+ Bons Bois 42.7% 700ml


Grosperrin 'Cognac De Collection' 1944 aged 60 years+ Bons Bois 42.7% 700ml


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Product Description
This cognac comes from the family property of the cognac merchant who sold it to us. It remained in the same family for 60 years, stored at its original location, a huge paved cellar, until we transferred it to government-controlled cellars in 1999. The owner's chateau was occupied by the German Wehrmacht and the archives dispersed at the end of the war, making it impossible to prove it dates back to before 1944. The end of the war brought with it widespread pillaging, both by occupying forces and local inhabitants This cognac's lightness and delicate aromas make it atypical for its cru. It, therefore, most certainly comes from a limestone soil. Surprising vitality yet softness and roundness, and an unforgettable prune palate. This is proof that even smaller crus can produce wonders! Deep amber colour. The nose of very old Cognac, the finesse of rancio. On the palate, atypical in its vintage for its lightness and density. An astonishing vitality, all smooth and round as well as a prune mouthfeel that will stay in your memory for a long time. The "small wines" also have their wonders! 94/100, Livets Goda (Sweden, 2008). “ I have never tasted such an old Bons Bois before; there is a perfect resemblance to certain ports, but while still being able to deliver an almost unfathomable fruity freshness  ”. Drink Spirits (USA), 2011.

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