St James Rhum agricole 1999 Single Cask 42.9% 700ml - Rum - Liquor Wine Cave
St James Rhum agricole 1999 Single Cas... $285.54
An extremely limited series in which each bottle contains rum from a single cask. The casks used are selected for their ability to provide the desired roundness and strength during the extended ageing process of over 10 years. SAINT JAMES “Single Cask” rum reflects a selection based on exceptional years for Martinique AOC rum. 1999 was an optimum year for the harvest, offering a rum enriched with aromas of sweet ripe fruit. Eight casks and ten long years of controlled ageing have achieved a fabulous Martinique Agricole rum. Tasting Notes: Colour: Clear and bright with dark mahogany glints. Nose: The nose is marked by intense aromas against a warm background. Notes of roasted coffee and chocolate on a woody base, against a background of fruity, spicy notes of dried fruit and nutmeg. Palate: Ample and rich on the palate. Stone fruits come through with strong rounded notes of roasted coffee."
St James VSOP Rhum Agricole 43% 700ml - Rum - Liquor Wine Cave
St James VSOP Rhum Agricole 43% 700ml $113.97
"The Quintessence of the SAINT JAMES style, powerful and charming at the same time" Marc Sassier, Master Blender Saint James Tasting Notes: Colour: Bright mahogany Nose: Cacao & spicy with a woody and vanilla finish Palate: Perfect balance of toasted and spicy notes (vanilla, cinnamon)
JM Rhum 2004 Hors d'Age Bourbon Cask 42.9% 700ml - Rum - Liquor Wine Cave
JM Rhum 2004 Hors d'Age Bourbon Cask 4... $341.91
This “Hors d’Age” Agricole rhum has been aged for 15 years, in second-hand bourbon barrels, according to the tradition of J.M vintage rhumsTasting Notes: Nose: Powerful, balanced and round. Notes of prunes, raisins, dried figs and roasted almonds. The warmth of the cocoa bean envelops the whole in an overwhelming sweetness and delicacy.  Palate: Intense, warm and enveloping with a farandole of fruit notes, like a basket of candied fruits coated with intense dark chocolate. It reveals a great delicacy and leaves one dreaming while tasting it.  Finish: Very persistent with notes of cocoa beans.
J.M Rum Agricole Ambre 50% 700ml - Rum - Liquor Wine Cave
J.M Rum Agricole Ambre 50% 700ml $105.39
This rum has been aged in 200-litre barrels for 12 months in our ageing cellars. Blended in 200-litre charred and re-charred barrels. Ambre is the perfect introduction to our aged JM rums, it will appeal to younger generations and enthusiasts alike.  Tasting Notes: Nose: The essential fruity (citrus) and floral (honey, fresh sugarcane) notes of ESB rum express the intense aroma that is characteristic of JM white rum. These aromas are accompanied by the first subtle notes of ageing, with hints of spices (aniseed, cloves), vanilla and toasted facets.  Palate: Spices (pepper, cloves, nutmeg) are perfectly balanced with delicately toasted woody and vanilla notes, complementing the predominant fruity character of white rum.  Finish: The finish is round and smooth on the vanilla and woody notes of ageing. 
J.M Rum Atelier Epices Creoles 46% 700ml - Rum - Liquor Wine Cave
J.M Rum Atelier Epices Creoles 46% 700ml $121.32
Rhum Agricole aged for a minimum of 3 years in French and American Oak barrels with different capacities and heats.  The exclusive and meticulous process of toasting the barrels developed into intense spiciness Tasting Notes: Nose: Delicate on the vanilla pod, honey and warm woody notes. After agitation, subtle notes of gingerbread with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and ginger appear. Powerful and harmonious, the nose suggests a mouth with a bold character.  Palate: The attack on the palate is powerful on spicy notes: cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, pepper, almost hot pepper… spicy heat gradually gives way to toasted, roasted and almost smoky notes of oak wood.  Finish: Captivating the smoky notes with a persistent spicy feel left on the upper lips
J.M Rhum Jardin Macouba White Agricole 53.4% 700ml - Rum - Liquor Wine Cave
J.M Rhum Jardin Macouba White Agricole... $118.87
Unseal the mysteries of Rhum J.M Jardin Macouba. This limited edition of premium white Rhum Agricole will take you by surprise with its particularly floral aromatic profile, resulting from the cane sugar juice's long fermentation in our vats before distillation. Its rounded palate and perfect balance will bring your tasting experiences to another level enjoyed pure or in Ti'Punch. Tasting Notes: Nose: Silky and delicate with nice notes of Moringa, Violets and Cane flowers. Hints of honey, lime peel and white pepper enhance the harmony and delicacy of this high-quality white rum.
Neisson Tatanka White Rum 55% 700ml | Rum | Shop online at Spirits of France
Neisson Tatanka White Rum 55% 700ml $194.85
A beautiful well balanced white rum from the highly awarded producers, Neisson, from Martinique.
Neisson Profil 107 Rum 53.8% 700ml - Rum - Liquor Wine Cave
Neisson Profil 107 Rum 53.8% 700ml $139.71
Following the success of the 105 profile, Neisson continues to surprise us with this superb 107 profile. The rum was first stored in 190 litre bourbon barrels for just over a year, and then in ten 225 litre barrels that had been given additional toasting.
Depaz Rum Agricole Reserve Speciale VSOP Martinique 7 years 45% 700ml | Rum | Shop online at Spirits of France
Depaz Rum Agricole Reserve Speciale VS... $160.54
Aged for 7 years in oak casks, Depaz VSOP very old rum develops flavors of vanilla, dried roasted fruit and tobacco. The attack on the palate is clean, powerful and fresh with the finish adding a more peppery touch. Playing a special role in the soul of Saint Pierre for more than 350 years, the Depaz estate is located at the foot of the islands highest mountain, Mount Pelée. In 1902, Mount Pelée delivered a devastating volcanic eruption which impassioned Victor Depaz, the sole surviving family member, to ultimately return to the estate in 1917 to successfully rebuild the Depaz chateau and the distillery. It’s these volcanic ashes that today continue to fuel the rich development and production of the sugar cane that permeates Depaz with its explosive taste and character.
St James Organic Rum Agricole Blanc (White) 74.2% 700ml - Rum - Liquor Wine Cave
St James Organic Rum Agricole Blanc (W... $180.15
St James Pot Still Strength Rum Organic Imperial blanc (White) 74.20% 700ml Distilled in a traditional Creole column, SAINT JAMES Organic Column Brut Rum comes from a plot selection harvested at full maturity, practising organic farming for several years. NOSE : Beautiful aromatic richness without aggressiveness despite the degree. The notes of sweet cane and honey evolve towards the dry vegetable (black tea and infusions). MOUTH : Complex and ample with an exotic sweetness offers all the vegetal freshness of cane punctuated by gourmet notes of candied citrus fruits.
J.M Rhum Agricole FumŽe Volcanique 49% 700ml | Rum | Shop online at Spirits of France
J.M Rhum Agricole Fumée Volcanique 49%... $118.87
JM Rhum Agricole Fumée Volcanique 49% 700ml JM Fumée volcanique is an agricultural rum from the “l'Atelier des Rhums” series, dedicated to mixology and cocktails . This initiative from the JM house aims to develop advanced aromatic profiles, by working on the barrels. It is Karine Lassalle, cellar master of JM, and Joseph Akhavan (founder of the bar le Mabel in Paris) who are at the origin. The name of this rum refers to the location of the distillery, at the foot of Mount Pelée in Martinique. To add flavour to this tribute, we chose very toasted bourbon casks. The heating applied to American oak is called "alligator". The wood thus burnt forms beautiful black scales. After 12 to 14 months of aging, the rum, therefore, develops smoky notes. They blend harmoniously with the vegetal and fruity notes of agricultural rum.  
J.M Rhum AOC Agricole 2011 41.9% 700ml | Rum | Shop online at Spirits of France
J.M Rhum AOC Agricole 2011 41.9% 700ml $189.95
PARTICULARITY The magnificence of our extra-aged rhum agricole comes from many years of ancestral know-how passed down over generations at the Rhum J .M distillery. Produced in very limited quantities, our vintage rum has been bottled at «cask strength» to preserve its unadult er a t ed charact er, distinctive of great vintages. Having done so for many years, we guarantee the quality of this J .M vintage, which will amaze connoisseurs with its legendary long finish and its fabulous sensory merits.   PALATE Its palate is round and gourmet thanks to the fruity and delicate notes of the nose. The spices and toasted flavors brought by the ageing in oak barrels bring a great structure to the palate. A complex and elegant cask strength rhum made in our cellars at Distillerie JM.   FINALE The finish is long and warm with notes of stewed fruits and vanilla.
St James Rum Vieux Agricole Single Cask 2003 56.4% 700ml | Rum | Shop online at Spirits of France
St James Rum Vieux Agricole Single Cas... $310.05
The Confrerie du Rhum pays tribute to the traditional skills of the Saint James distillery, selecting this very rare 2003 cask strength rum. This vintage rum reflects a year during which very favourable weather conditions produced a high-quality white rum fresh from the still for ageing.
St James Rum 1998 Single Cask 42.8% 700ml | Rum | Shop online at Spirits of France
St James Rum 1998 Single Cask 42.8% 700ml $318.63
A 1998 vintage St James rum from Martinique, matured in a single oak cask to create aromas of vanilla and ripe fruit on the nose. The palate offers notes of baked apples, nutmeg, roasted coffee beans and dried fruit that linger in the finish.
Neisson Le Bio Organic Rum 52.5% 700ml
Neisson Le Bio Organic Rum 52.5% 700ml $154.41
Year in year out, the organic cultivation area has been steadily growing, reaching a 10% share of the land in 2017. This is how the creation of Le Bio par Neisson was made possible. To celebrate the event, the artist Philippe Beaudelocque created a special casing. This rum was produced in 2018 from canes collected manually between March and April. They come from plots T1, T2 & T3. Visual: A crystalline and clear appearance. Nose: it conveys a vegetal note which is more refined compared to the 2017 version. This vintage is characterized by its aromatic intensity featuring predominant citrus notes, and more specifically lime, which combine with anise and sugarcane floral notes. Palate: lime appears from the first mouthful, conveying a hint of acidity. The impression of sweetness lingers on the finish, which is of high intensity. It can be enjoyed as a ti-punch with a dash of cane sugar syrup and lime zest. Ice cubes or crushed ice will complete the cocktail according to individual taste
Neisson Rum Profil 105 54.2% 700ml | Rum | Shop online at Spirits of France
Neisson Rum Profil 105 54.2% 700ml $139.71
A first 4-month passage of a white rum permits the tannins and bitterness of the new barrels to soften. The aging period began February 23, 2015, in 15 barrels. In October 2016, six barrels were selected to be integrated into the 2000-litre vats to be destined for the creation of cask strength rum with the name of Profile 105 having a 54.2% alcohol by volume. Visual: The robe is of a golden brown Olfactory: There is good olfactory intensity where light notes of citrus laced with spice, roasted coffee and balsamic notes. Gustatory: The long and balanced palate reveals the same seductive notes. This rum shows all its qualities served neat, requiring neither syrup, nor lemon, nor ice.
Habitation St Etienne Rum Agricole XO 43% 700ml | Rum | Shop online at Spirits of France
Habitation St Etienne Rum Agricole XO ... $182.60
This rum is from a selection of the oldest of the plantation estate's vintages as of 1960. A remarkable rum in wooded hues, this liqueur is the result of complex research where each phase has been extremely well mastered. Mild, spell-binding, and velvety " one of the most beautiful alcohols of the present day. MASTER TASTERS NOTE It has a superb amber robe with a noble nose of extreme richness. Marked notes of cocoa, mocha and blond tobacco, highlighted with a lovely touch of spice: black pepper and nutmeg.
Habitation St Etienne Rum 2013 French whisky casks Roselieures 44% 500ml - Rum - Liquor Wine Cave
Habitation St Etienne Rum 2013 French ... $174.02
After more than 6 years of ageing in oak barrels, as is the HSE tradition, this vintage rum has been enhanced by a further eight to twelve months in barrels previously used for the French whisky ROZELIEURES. MASTER TASTERS NOTE The nose begins with hints of cocoa, dried fruit and citrus, followed by smoky and spicy notes. The first sip is vibrant, and flavours of toasted grains and stewed fruits join the rare spice profile that characterizes our aged rums.
Habitation St Etienne Rum 2003 Single Cask 47.8% 500ml - Rum - Liquor Wine Cave
Habitation St Etienne Rum 2003 Single ... $339.46
A worthy addition to HSE's long line of fine vintages, this 2003 single cask has had special attention lavished upon it by our cellar master in order to bring you a new balance between strength, roundness and aromatic complexity. Each bottled batch has been carefully selected from a single 400 litres French oak barrel, identified by the double numbering of the bottles. MASTER TASTERS NOTE The nose opens up to an explosion of aromas where the empyreumatic notes of cacao, coffee and Virginia tobacco blend with a fruity universe of prunes, quinces and cooked fruit. The round, generous mouth offers a gentle, elegant attack before extending into a long, fruity and delicately spiced finish.
Habitation St Etienne Rum 2011 Small Cask 46% 500ml | Rum | Shop online at Spirits of France
Habitation St Etienne Rum 2011 Small ... $205.88
Thanks to unusual aging in small barrels of 55 litres, this wonderful spirit will delight fans of Great ultra-premium rum. The maturation in these Limousin oak casks occurs with an intensity far stronger than using ordinary barrels of 200 litres. This unique approach gives to the extra old rum HSE Small Cask an outstanding intensity and an amazing aromatic richness. MASTER TASTERS NOTE The nose is complex and elegant. It offers you a valuable touch of wood which mingles with aromas of white-fleshed fruits, prune and gingerbread. The taste is well balanced, smooth and fresh. It carries you into a world of favours where fruit tones, scents of refined wood and rare spices get together in a long and deep harmony.

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