Prohibition Christmas Gin 2023 38% 500ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France Prohibition Christmas Gin 2023 38% 500ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Prohibition Christmas Gin 2023 38% 500ml $125.00
Our 2023 Christmas Gin is a delightfully bright & decadent expression of our most festive spirit. Lashings of figs from the Adelaide Hills are elevated with cherries & late harvest Chardonnay grapes. All manners of Christmas spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves work in harmony with Riverland citrus in this true spirit of Christmas. As always, it is perfect served in a Yuletide-styled French 75, drizzled on Christmas pudding, or enjoyed with ice cream for a festive, epicurean dessert.
Giselle Pavlova Gin 37.5% 700ml
Giselle Pavlova Gin 37.5% 700ml $81.76
Giselle Pavlova Gin 37.5%  TASTE NOTES: Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin is the basis of the Giselle. Using a three stage Orange infusion and distillation process.  Including our unique use of Fenugreek. Post distillation we use all natural flavours to make a gin that tastes like Pavlova, but just the Pavlova base without the fruit on top. Giselle Pavlova Gin has a delicious creamy, vanilla-y and meringue-y flavour with a toffee/burnt crust finish. Albanian juniper is the basis once again and it’s a gin – but like no other! MIXING:Try Giselle Pavlova Gin straight or with a light tonic and a fresh strawberry to garnish. Or if you’re brave – just replace the tonic with soda water. Like all Pavlovas, its up to you to choose the best fruit to garnish Giselle. BACK STORY/DESIGN: Anna Pavlova danced the famous Giselle Ballet almost to her death. Giselle is one of the most renowned ballets and often performed around the world. It’s the story of a peasant girl who dies of a broken heart after being tricked by her wealthy and powerful lover. But like Giselle, revenge is best served cold & sweet as Giselle returns as a beautiful ghost. Giselle Pavlova Gin is a must try for every Australian Gin drinker!
Hartshorn Trio Finger Lime, Saltbush, Strawberry gum Vodka 50ml - Vodka - Liquor Wine Cave
Hartshorn Trio Finger Lime, Saltbush, ... $36.76
Hartshorn Triple Teat Tipple Finger lime vodka, Saltbush, Strawberry Gum vodka 40% 50ml
Taylor & Smith Gin 40% 100ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Taylor & Smith Gin 40% 100ml $27.00 $29.00
Nose: Strong herbal presence, gingerbread and citrus punch through with pine notes of juniper that sit the background. Incredible and powerful aromatic presence in the glass even at 40% abv. The juniper, pine and berry aromas start to shine through with a sneaky background tone of malt biscuit, lemon and the native Australian bush. Taste: Clean with a huge aromatic lift and a complex pallet. A juniper punch. Incredible herbal top notes, citrus middle and aromatic floralness for length and finish. A gentle warmth helps carry the complexity of the gin, finishing softly and slightly dry, with a wonderful, final hit of strawberry gum. Taylor & Smith Gin is perfect in a G&T, as well as most gin cocktails. Or even sip it straight, slightly chilled over ice!
Antipodes Organic Vodka 40%
Antipodes Organic Vodka 40% $80.35
Australia’s purest vodka. Our house-made vodka is central to all of our spirits and liqueurs at Antipodes. Naturally fermented cane sugar and the soft mountain water of Canberra create a vodka that is indulgent and balanced over ice or as the building blocks of your favourite vodka cocktail.
Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin - Gin - Liquor Wine Cave
Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin $80.62
A truly modern Australian style of gin, crafted using a combination of Mediterranean citrus, Asian spice, fresh oranges and local Australian botanicals
Four Pillars Gift Pack RDG, BSG, OLG Gin - Gin - Liquor Wine Cave
Four Pillars Gin Gift Pack $85.72
Three award-winning Four Pillars gins in one pack. The original classic Rare Dry Gin, The Most Unique and elegant Bloody Shiraz and the Olive Leaf Gin made for the best Martini.
Three Foxes Organic Rosella Gin 40% 700ml | | Shop online at Spirits of France
Three Foxes Organic Rosella Gin 40% 700ml $77.21
NOT JUST ANOTHER GIN. Bright, floral, and refreshing. Our Organic Gin flaunts a bouquet of wild Rosella hand-picked by the finest unicorns and mischievous elves in the wonderlands of West Heidelberg.
Prohibition Gin 42% 700ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Prohibition Gin 42% 700ml $109.07
Prohibition Gin is the culmination of a vision to recreate the genuine spirit of clandestine heritage, with contemporary craftsmanship and top notch botanical ingredients. Our unique flavour story starts with wormwood, a banned substance in prohibition era, better known for creating absinthe. This with a tinge of blood… Blood orange and ruby red grapefruit delivers a fresh citrus edge, taking juniper, coriander and ginger root on a journey away from the standard. We bring in an Australian native lemon myrtle and subtle notes of green tea, vanilla and lavender to soften the finish and draw out flavour depth on the palate. The result is a sophisticated, deep flavour with a fresh citrus note and warm peppery finish. This beautiful gin has been the recipient of many awards in recent times. Explore some of those awards here. Explore more of the Prohibition Range HERE
Sakurao Distillery Limited 47% 700ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Sakurao Distillery Limited 47% 700ml $220.59
Made up of 17 botanicals exclusively from Hiroshima, including cherry blossom petals from the prefecture, symbols of the distillery and Japan.  The plants are gently infused to extract the finest aromas, the resulting liquid is then distilled in small batches to obtain Sakurao    NOSE: Scented - Lemon, green tea PALATE: Complex - Wasabi, juniper berries FINAL: Persistence - Orange marmalade
Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin 40% 700ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin 40% 700ml $94.36
Saffron Gin draws all its harmony from the interaction between the spicy character of saffron and the bitterness of the juniper contained in the gin Gabriel BOUDIER, which remains an unequalled Gin thanks to a selection of the best natural ingredients. This is magic wording. Saffron brings remarkable roundness and sweetness when combined with juniper, the “master ingredient of gin”. Its sublime orange colour attracts covetousness, and the bottle adorned with crocus flowers (saffron flowers) embossed in its glassware is in itself a sign of Maison Gabriel BOUDIER.
Nosferatu Giselle Pavlova Gin Limited WAX 700ml
Nosferatu Giselle Pavlova Gin Limited ... $116.85
Giselle Pavlova Gin was inspired by Anna Pavlova who famously danced the ballet, Giselle.  Legend has it that just like Giselle, Anna danced herself to death. The base gin for Giselle is distilled using our signature three-stage orange infusion and distillation process. Pure vanilla, burnt sugar and double cream essence are infused post-distillation and give this gin its unique and delicate taste. It tastes just  like a pavlova with hints of cream, vanilla, toffee and a caramelised crust.  Albanian juniper is the basis once again so it's unmistakably a gin - but like no other! Produced in small batches, this delicate gin captures the spirit of a pavlova. Just adorn it with fruit and enjoy.
Hernö Dry Gin - Gin - Liquor Wine Cave
Hernö Dry Gin $69.10
Hernö Gin is a round and smooth London dry gin, with a juniper character, fresh citrus notes and a floral complexity which makes the gin very enjoyable on its own. It uses eight botanicals, all certified organic: Juniper berries, coriander seeds, lemon that is peeled by hand, lingon berries, meadowsweet, black pepper, cassia and fresh vanilla.
Taylor & Smith Barrel Aged Gin 40% 500ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Taylors and Smith Barrel Aged Gin 500ml $100.00 $105.00
Indulge in this gloriously silken nectar imbibed with buttery spice. Our first foray into barrelling your favourite gin, savour it on the rocks, or moreish in a gin old fashioned. Serving Suggestion: Gin Old Fashioned 60 ml Taylor & Smith Special Release Barrel Aged Gin10 to 15 ml demerara sugar syrup2 dashes Angostura bitters (try adding orange and or chocolate bitters for extra depth)Ice sphere or other quality block ice orange twist and clove to garnish Method: Place Gin, your preferred amount of Demerara sugar syrup and bitters in a stirring glass. Add quality block ice and stir down to your preferred level of dilution. Strain over an ice sphere, or other quality block ice, garnish and serve. Demerara Sugar Syrup: Place equal parts by weight of Demerara sugar and water into a food processor. Mix on high until all sugar has dissolved into solution.
Three Foxes Organic Vodka 38% 700ml | | Shop online at Spirits of France
Three Foxes Organic Vodka 38% 700ml $67.40
VELVETY AND RACY. Australian Organic Vodka is made in tiny batches with monumental attention. It’s charming, excitable, velvety and racy, exactly how we like our free time. Welcome to the party.
Arcane Generous Gin OdeVie
Arcane Generous Gin OdeVie $107.30
"A NATURAL GENEROSITY" \nAll the ingredients coming into the composition of GENEROUS are natural: \n \nJuniper, Citrus, Mandarin, Red Pepper, Jasmin & Elder Flower. \n \nSome of them are produced by maceration, others by distillation, using exclusively traditional methods. \n \nThis naturality can be clearly perceived in the tasting: the style is clear, the flavours are precised and well harmonised. \nTASTING NOTES: \nCOLOUR \nLight and shiny texture. \nNOSE \nFine and floral. Dominant base of juniper, softened by the white flowers (elderflower, jasmine). \nTASTE \nA beautiful aromatic explosion of citrus fruits and spices highlighting the freshness of the juniper, with sweet floral notes and traces of jasmine. \nCONCLUSION \nA good length in the mouth, enriched by the persistent notes of red pepper, citrus fruits and juniper.
Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin 40.4% 700ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin 40.4% 700ml $84.56
Inspired by a love of arthouse cinema, Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin takes it cues from the black and white cult classic, Nosferatu. The Gin is lovingly distilled, under the cloak of darkness, in 'The Schreck', a coffin-shaped pot still (believe that if you will) in a dusty old South Melbourne cellar. With its distinctive red hue, this Gin is delicate, yet packs a punch with botanicals such as Albanian juniper berries, blood orange peel, fresh navel oranges, dried orange peel, roasted fenugreek, coriander seeds, cardamom seeds, wormwood and angelica root. A true cult classic. You know you want it. As with all classics, treat it with respect.  Fill a Copa de Balon with the best ice you can find, add a generous nip of Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin, top up with a quality tonic and finish off with a sliver of blood orange. Cheers. A must try Melbourne made gin.   Shop more of the Nosferatu range HERE

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